People using mobile phones for browsing the internet is on the increase with consumer brands expected to spend around $36 billion on mobile advertising by 2017, according to eMarketer.

Creating ads specifically for smartphone screens is an important way to get higher click through rates and more business for your client.


SmartadsWords like “Write now”, “call now” and “click now” are called “calls to action”, which are used within PPC adverts to encourage shoppers to purchase products.

The call to action, or CTA, tells the searcher what to do, giving them a reason to click as well as improving your businesses quality score and lowering your PPC costs.

Hear are some tips from the team at HookedOnMedia on creating smart PPC ads for mobile.

Show Off Those Testimonals

The CTA in the top ad stands out because it’s a comment from a real life person, not just some marketing jargon to help sell the product. Research shows that customer reviews have a major influence over online buyers. Google + reviews and Amazon reviews are proof that customers like to read product reviews before they purchase products.


Image3Be creative and add colour and video

It’s essential that your call to action must stand out from the crowd to get noticed. Try making your ad stand out by being imaginative and creative by using a contrasting font colour to make the call to action pop.

Red is an effective call to action color because it’s bright and creates a sense of urgency, but you can use any distinctive color that matches your design. The bright red color helps this mailer’s call to action really stand out.

You can also use graphics like an arrow or bullet point to help draw the eye towards your call to action. However, be careful that you don’t go overboard-graphics should enhance the call to action, not overshadow it.

Highlight mobile-specific promotions

Don’t forget to highlight a USP within the ad such as 5% off mobile purchases and make sure that the consumer is clear on how much money they are saving.

Use mobile-optimized landing pages whenever possible.

When creating landing pages, make sure that they are relevant to the ad that’s sent the user to it. Landing pages aren’t places for heavy texts, but should get to the point quickly. They should require very little from the users, and be short enough to avoid scrolling down.


For advice on creating your Smart ads for mobile give us a call.