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The world of online marketing has seen a huge rise in YouTube videos being part of digital strategy, with researchers seeing an 81% of consumers being convinced to buy a product or use a service after watching a brand’s YouTube videos.

Video marketing in general is also on the rise. The State Of Digital Marketing Survey recently found that 87% of businesses are now using video and to greater effect than in the past, with 83% of marketers saying that video gives then a great RIO, which is up from 78% in 2018.

The pressure to create a high level of content is high, with YouTube being flooded with innovative video content. 90% of marketers told Search Engine Land that they felt under pressure from the level of competition out there and were overwhelmed by how the use of video has grown

Here are a few ways you can start to create creative and relevant content for your business.

Types of video content

There are many different types of video you can use. Educational videos are great for creating trust with your viewers as well as brand identity. Creating video guides about your product will help your users to get to grips with how to get the best out of the product – if what you’re selling is intricate or requires instructions to put it together, this type of video content is particularly effective and actually essential. Chances are if you don’t upload a video explaining how to use your product, a lone YouTuber will!

Brand storytelling

Brand storytelling is effective in helping you emotionally content with your audience and help show the whole lifestyle that your product brings about. A cool story or narrative around the product will entice customers to buy into the associated lifestyle.

Video Reviews

Getting in touch with influencers who can give a good review of your product will help bring about further trust with potential customers. Make a deal to share their review on your website or social media pages in order to give them an incentive to review your product.

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