Pay Per Click Management

Campaign Optimisation

We have a wealth of experience structuring PPC & Adwords campaigns

At HookedOnMedia we optimise campaigns at outset to ensure they are well organised and structured. In the long run this allows us to change and edit campaigns with ease. 

Principles Of Campaign Optimisation

  • – Identify Goals.
  • – Measure the Results.
  • – Experiment and Adapt.

Adwords ‘Quality Score’ also comes into play, as having a well structured account will also bring lower CPC (cost per click) benefits, as related keywords are grouped together – improving Quality Score and driving down costs (With a high Quality Score Google Adwords rewards you with a lower cost per click).


We have a wealth of experience structuring PPC & Adwords campaigns; some considerations we will take into account are:

  • –  Individual Products & Services
  • –  Budget Considerations
  • –  Current Website Structure
  • –  Geographic Location Targeting
  • –  Any Seasonal Targeting

Ad Text

At HookedOnMedia all of our PPC campaigns have well written and strong ad text, ads are designed to be enticing with strong calls to action. Destination URL’s are carefully chosen and variations of ad text are constantly tested to ensure the campaign is as optimised as possible. If one ad variation is producing more sales or leads than another – then we will keep the high performing ad and aim to optimise it further.

Landing Pages

Optimised landing pages are core to a successful PPC campaign, we ensure pages:


–  Contain Original Content
–  Are Transparent
–  Have Clear Navigability

Display Placements

We will ensure that display adverts are being displayed on relevant websites that are converting, i.e. ensure that any users clicking on your display ads are converting into your targeted goals. This is acheived through tracking, once set up correctly tracking will detemine if ad clicks are generating conversions.

We will also ensure that the correct payment stucture is in place, normally this is either CPC (cost per click) bidding, or CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

With our wealth of experience, we create award winning campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

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