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Barking Up The Right Tree With Big Dawgs

Driving Retail Growth: Harnessing the Power of Paid Social and Organic Synergy 

Big Dawgs came to HookedOnMedia to boost online traffic and sales for their fantastic premium big dog products. As they had only just started their business, the primary goal was to establish a strong brand and raise awareness about their products.

Early on, we celebrated a surge of traffic and sales boosts thanks to their stand-out products and close work with the social media team, who created a compelling online presence by publishing high-quality and creative content. This, in turn, drove their following upwards at a substantial rate.

The campaign has been a mixture of organic and paid advertising on Meta Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Key digital marketing services provided by HookedOnMedia…

Targeted Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns

Strategic Organic Social Media Management

Performance Monitoring And Analytics

The results

Successful Seo


New followers from 0

Successful Seo


13K+ accounts reached in 30 days


This campaign successfully gained traction in the first month by establishing an engaging and consistent brand voice on Instagram and Facebook while targeting specific demographics likely to buy the dog collars.

Build an organic following on social media platforms (Instagram & Facebook).

Build strong brand awareness.

Target a high-converting audience for this niche product.

The challenge

We provided guidance and worked closely with our client so that they fully understood the quality of content that would be necessary to stand out from the rest (including the appearance of their Facebook page and Instagram profile).

 This approach enabled us to create a professional and unique brand image that ultimately set our client apart from the competition.

The main challenge we faced was the high number of competitors in the field. Many other businesses were selling similar products, which made it difficult for us to differentiate our client’s collars from the rest.

However, through the use of clever wording, strategically planned offers and exciting competitions, we were able to make our client’s collars stand out as the better choice.

Big Dawgs Image

The solution

Reaching Seo Targets
Reaching Seo Targets

Promotion via:

Creating a solid brand identity and voice for social media account set-up.

Weekly organic and paid publishing of unique content.

Creation of story reels.

We ran several competitions, one of which collaborated with another business that we found & suggested.


Professional Seo Reporting
Professional Seo Reporting

Our strategy was clear. We knew how to manually locate the perfect target audience using our tried and tested techniques. Once we had found a large enough pool, we would interact, engage and build a trusting social connection with them. After that, we simply repeated the process, and before long, it began to pick up momentum.

 To maximise our reach, we also placed a major focus on creating as many high-quality reels as possible. Reels are similar to ads in that they are visible to everyone regardless of whether they follow you or not.

 After just one month, the campaign had reached 13K social accounts and had accumulated 1,400 new followers to the Instagram account.

 The client was fully onboard with our ideas, and we maintained open communication throughout to ensure alignment between both businesses.

Successful Seo

Client endorsement

Digital Marketing Experience
Superb Seo

Driving down the cost per click with intelligence and creativity

Digital Marketing Experience

HookedOnMedia have been great to work with… responsive, knowledgeable & committed to getting results for your business / organisation!

Thank you to Alistair for the advice and support throughout.

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Hayden Bassett
Digital Account Manager

Lee Jackson
Business Development Manager

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