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Recruitment campaign case study

Social media advertising new recruitment leads

This campaign’s objective was to increase applications for specialist job roles. Candidates needed to already be in the industry and have some form of experience or qualifications. Resulting in a specific audience targeting from the get-go.

Key digital marketing services provided by HookedOnMedia…

Creative social media advertising with precise audience targeting

Intelligent geotargeting

Driving down CPC

The results

Successful Seo


New leads

Successful Seo


Reduction in cost per 1000 impressions


For this campaign, our client wanted to work with a local company solely focused on the same targeted region. We had a few internal departments come on board once the campaign kicked off, which helped spread out a broad budget.

New job applications direct from social pages

Increased visibility of job roles across demographic audience

Drive cost per click down for better ROI by month 3 onwards

This campaign was primarily a recruitment drive to reach out of county applications. Our client had engaged in some social media efforts themselves but was not getting much response, mainly due to audience targeting.

The challenge

The campaigns have consistently performed well since the first day of launch and show no signs of slowing down. The results continue to improve month on month.

Challenge 1 was to ensure we targeted the correct audience, challenge 2 was to not only make sure they were suitable for the job role, but they were actually actively looking for a new job.

Nhs Social Media Marketing

The solution

Reaching Seo Targets
Reaching Seo Targets

Promotion via:

Intelligent audience targeting across social networks


Once we were happy with the targeting we started to drive CPC down through audience learning and as campaign matured


Professional Seo Reporting
Professional Seo Reporting

We had to Geotarget the ads in a way that we could confidently create fast traction, whilst ensuring there was no compromise on lead quality. Targeting nationally was likely to cause ad wastage.

Once the ad was consistently achieving leads with optimum efficiency, we then began to slowly extend geotargeting throughout the South-West of England and further afield.

Successful Seo

Client endorsement

Digital Marketing Experience
Superb Seo

Driving down the cost per click with intelligence and creativity

Digital Marketing Experience

HookedOnMedia have been great to work with… responsive, knowledgeable & committed to getting results for your business / organisation!

Thank you to Alistair for the advice and support throughout.

Nhs Digital Marketing

Hayden Bassett
Digital Account Manager

Lee Jackson
Business Development Manager

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