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Roofing Supplies UK case study

Uk Search Awards 2022 Finalist

Roofing Supplies UK is a leading Roofing specialist known nationwide for their outstanding customer service and highly knowledgeable staff. As one of the UK’s top Roofing Supply Companies, they are growing rapidly, thanks to increased online exposure and a massive boost on Google Shopping feeds.

Key digital marketing services provided by HookedOnMedia…

Google Shopping campaign

PPC text adverts

Product specific ad retargeting

Live shopping feeds

The results

Successful Seo


Return on ad spend

Successful Seo


Revenue increase

Successful Seo


Traffic conversion rate


With zero Google Shopping feeds running, we took a thorough approach when inputting each product within the RSUK catalogue. We needed time to learn about the products, their categories and explore the competition’s offerings.

Google Shopping is an excellent opportunity to offer competitive rates against the competition, as most audiences within this platform are researching and comparing product specs. It’s the best platform to offer bulk discounts, free delivery and sale percentages, as you can visually make it stand out in the advert.

Increase click-through rate from all paid advertising channels

Increase audience purchases

No1 positions on shopping feed in SERPs

The challenge

Roofing Supplies UK is one of the UK’s leading roofing merchants; however, with little visibility on the Google Shopping platform, we knew that once we implemented the “meat and bones” of this campaign, it would kick off reasonably quickly. The biggest challenge was ensuring the entire product catalogue was ready to roll once we hit the live button.

Our main objective was to increase sales revenue; however, when RSUK asked us to run their entire Google advertising campaign, they saw a high cost per click for little return via a current PPC campaign. After a few months of fine-tuning and responsive action based on the first influx of sales, we aimed to drive cost per click down to increase the return on ad spend for the client.

The solution

Reaching Seo Targets
Reaching Seo Targets

Promotion via:

Google Shopping Campaign full set up from scratch

Competitor research

Promotion via Pay Per Click text adverts

Retargeted adverts, product specific

1,000+ product catalogue live on Google Shopping feeds


Professional Seo Reporting
Professional Seo Reporting

With an extensive catalogue of products, Google Shopping can be one of the best ways of advertising for a supplier within the construction industry. The Google Shopping landscape is a highly competitive platform; therefore, the work carried out in the first month will pay off as the campaign matures and gains traction daily.

Being responsive and analytical to incoming results can help drive the cost per acquisition down, thereby building a better return on investment.

Most of the time, the labour involved in inputting the variables between products can be intensive for in-house personnel; thus, most companies would benefit from outsourcing this work.

Successful Seo

Client endorsement

Digital Marketing Experience

Driving down the cost per acquisition & building a better return on investment

Digital Marketing Experience

Whilst working with HookedOnMedia for the last 13 months, we’ve seen a major uplift in online sales. These guys have nurtured a 2500% increase in revenue since Feb 2021, which is fantastic!

The Google Shopping campaign is now at a solid return of ad spend of 600%, and after the first few months of the learning phase (which was explained could take a few months to really kick off), we have seen online sales accelerate each month.

The traffic to site and conversion growth has resulted in us growing parts of our team to support the increased online sales. The team regularly updates us and is good with regular catch-ups and email enquiries. We’d highly recommend HookedOnMedia for any eCommerce business looking to increase online sales; it’s that simple!

Roofing Supplies Expertise

Hayden Bassett
Digital Account Manager

Lee Jackson
Business Development Manager

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