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West Country Surf School case study

West Country Surf School approached us during the first lift of UK travel restrictions in April 2021 with a very focused objective to capture as many bookings as possible via Google Pay Per Click Advertising and SEO uplift.

With an expected UK tourism boom approaching the campaign timing was paramount. The team at WCSS have a reputation as one of the best Surf Schools in the North Coast of Cornwall, within 12 months we have escalated their visibility and online bookings through YouTube and Google display.

Key digital marketing services provided by HookedOnMedia…

Google Network PPC Campaign

YouTube video promotion

Smart bidding

Audience retargeting

Organic SEO improvements

The results

Successful Seo


YOY increase in bookings

Successful Seo


Page one positions for target phrases

Successful Seo


increased conversion rate


At outset, Joel and the team worked closely with us to identify suitable video and image assets that really showcase everything the surf school has to offer. We were able to use these assets with Google’s latest smart bidding techniques.

Increase targeted demographic audience to website

Increase conversions via all Google paid advertising platforms

Improve paid advertising click through rate with key messaging

No.1 organic positions for key phrases

The challenge

West Country Surf School sits amongst the country’s best surfing locations thus a competitive market of neighboring surf schools looking to capture the holiday market at timely booking periods.

Being visible to a targeted audience at peak booking times would sum up the objective of this campaign. Enticing the audience with unique messaging which promotes the USP’s of the surf school has been paramount to the success.

The audience that we were dealing with would have gone through a number of stages during their research period, meaning other websites were likely to be visited, so it was important for our retargeting advertising to be active and refined so to capture the final sale at the end of the research period.

The solution

Reaching Seo Targets
Reaching Seo Targets

Promotion via:

Google Display network

Video promotion via YouTube

Retargeting audience who didn’t convert at first visit

Google organic listings.


Professional Seo Reporting
Professional Seo Reporting

With a distinct booking window, as an agency we needed to set up a new PPC campaign from scratch in a fairly short period of time to capture a hot audience during the summer months.

After refining our keyword focus the campaign shortly offered up some excellent impressions and click through rates. By month two we were able to hone in on top performing ads and continue to split test until we were happy with the messaging which pulled best conversion rates.

The booking landscape changed somewhat compared to previous years due to the sudden lifts of travel bans in the UK during COVID-19. So it was important WCSS’s visibility was high, ready for some more unpredictably timed traffic peaks.

Successful Seo

Client endorsement

Digital Marketing Experience
Uplift In Conversions

100% increased conversion rate and 70% year on year increase in bookings

Digital Marketing Experience

Whilst working with HookedOnMedia for the last 15 months I have found the team very helpful and make a good effort getting to know my business and what my goals are. It’s helped tailor make my campaign and month on month I have seen a big uplift in conversions off my paid advertising.

Our regular catch up calls are really important and help me keep in the loop with the campaign. I’d recommend HookedOnMedia, they are a true team behind the scenes and have my success at the forefront of the campaign.

West Country Surf School

Hayden Bassett
Digital Account Manager

Lee Jackson
Business Development Manager

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