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Content Creation

Our team of content writers are extremely creative and can diligently research any topic. Webpage content or specific news/blog content covering many subjects and interests can be created, to boost your brand. Part of Google’s algorithm is based around content and factors include… uniqueness, relevance, readability, structure, length, internal links, keyword similarities. Our team can write full website copy, monthly blog content, plus, content for paid ads and email nurturing.

Content Creation For Social Media

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Seo Agency Uk
Seo Agency Uk

Blog content

Improving rankings through excellent content

Intelligent Content Creation

Blog content is extremely important to help gain consistent rankings. We are specialists in creating blog posts of over a thousand words, and can write many posts over the year based on a set topic.

For example, we have created many posts for local estate agents, local universities, and dental practices across the UK. All posts are unique and compelling to read. 

We review Google Analytics to see which blogs posts are attracting the most interest, by looking at how long the person was on the page and how they then interacted within the website. We then use this data to build up more blog topics around the posts which gained the highest quality readership.

Each blog post we provide is then proofread by another content writer in the team.

We can upload the posts to your website to review before going live, we also add in images and formatting to make the content more inviting & readable.

Successful Seo

Client endorsement

Digital Marketing Experience
Growth Through Ppc

Growth for expert services

Digital Marketing Experience

I have worked closely with the HookedOnMedia team on a number of campaigns and they have always offered a professional service whilst being very easy to work with.


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Seo Agency Uk
Seo Agency Uk

Social content

Fresh, inviting, engaging, relevant, converted

Social Content Designers

Our content writers work alongside our social media executive to write short snippets of content that are to the point and ‘catchy’.

With social, first impressions count, so both the content and visuals need to be compelling and interesting, with a ‘sales’ twist to gain a click-through, phone call or enquiry from the potential customer.

Social is becoming more and more competitive, so the content must ‘stand-out’ from all the other ads that people view.

We refresh client ad text and images on a regular basis to keep them fresh and interesting to maximise the viewers chance of interacting.

Hayden Bassett
Digital Account Manager

Lee Jackson
Business Development Manager

We can discuss your project and your digital marketing requirements during a free no-obligation call. Simply select a convenient date and time and we’ll look forward to speaking with you.

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