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Digital Marketing Tools

Our Handpicked Resources for Digital Marketing Success:

SpeedometerAt HookedOnMedia, we’ve rigorously tested a range of tools to enhance website performance, and NitroPack stands out as an exceptional solution for optimizing speed.

It excels in advanced caching, ensuring fresh, fast-loading content with features like smart cache invalidation and device-aware caching. NitroPack’s complete image optimisation stack includes lossy and lossless compression, lazy loading, preemptive sizing, and WebP conversion.

With a built-in global CDN, world-class speed algorithm, and comprehensive HTML, CSS, and JS minification, NitroPack ensures rapid, efficient performance. Their expert support team provides reliable assistance for all technical issues.

Data ServerWe’ve tested various hosting services, and SiteGround consistently delivers outstanding results.

Built on Google Cloud infrastructure, SiteGround offers ultrafast site performance with custom speed optimisations.

Security is top-notch, with server and application-level protections, free SSL, and daily backups ensuring your peace of mind. Their managed WordPress hosting includes easy installation, a unique WP Starter wizard, auto-updates, and expert support.

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