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Why bother with having a strategy when it comes to blogging?

Blogging is a business strategy, just like any other. So, if you’re looking to use blogging in order to grow your following, boost your brand, generate leads and build trust with your new and potential customers, having a set plan in place is a no-brainer.

Blogging – is it worth it? 

In short, absolutely. According to SEMRush, in 2021, 92% of content marketers use blog posts as part of their marketing strategy – they continue to be the most popular content format among content marketers. The more blog content a business creates, the more visible they’ll be in the search engine, providing those blogs have been written adhering to the best practices.

What will I learn in this whitepaper? 

As well as illustrating the value of blogging, in this whitepaper. We’ll explain how to: 

  • Write compelling blogs. 
  • Be smart with SEO content writing practices. 
  • Maximise the benefits of posting blogs on social media channels. 

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