Google Analytics Is a Major Component of Our Services..

One of the key tools for every SEO venture is Google Analytics. Our team is here to put accurate, pertinent, and actionable information in the hands of our customers with this powerful web-based tool.

Convert Users Into Sales and Leads

Competition for top search engine spots is more heated than ever, Google Analytics allows business owners the in-depth information they need to capitalize on trends, improve rankings, and call visitors to action. While Google Analytics is the perfect technology to capture large amounts of data, simply getting the information into the hands of the clients is not enough for us.

Correct Implementation

Utilising Analytics to its fullest potential is a multi-step process starting with a correct implementation of the technology. Once Analytics has been correctly aligned with the website, a wealth of information can be extracted from the reports. Unfortunately, not all information is equal, and that is where HookedOnMedia stands out from the competition. With too much information, this data can become unwieldy with no purpose other than providing volumes, dates, and numbers. We offer analysis and insight into this mass of information along with the tools to interpret it for website growth.

Multi Channel Tracking

Google Analytics does not simply stop at a single website. Companies that are looking to have their website and business stand out are going to need a comprehensive marketing plan including social media, blogs, RSS feeds, and customer generated content. It is with these marketing plans that information streaming from Google Analytics becomes invaluable. It will begin offering insight into which channels are working and which are not. With the correct information in hand, your company will be able to focus its energy and maintain the absolute best time-to-profit ratio.


The power of Analytics also does not stop at the demographics or social media data. We aim to offer clients information on which products, information, and services are attracting attention. If set up correctly Analytics will help businesses understand the ergonomics of their website layout, graphics, and basic design, we are proud to offer this tool to our clients as one the many SEO services in our arsenal.

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