If you have a website and have experienced a rapid drop in traffic, enquiries, sales or phone calls it’s most probable that you have received a ranking penalty from Google. The penalty could be assigned to just one page, or a number of pages, or worse case the entire website.

We specialise in lifting such penalties, the most common types of penalty will be based around poor inbound links, aggressive link building techniques, exact match anchor text, or links from poor quality sites. The other type of penalty can come via poor quality content, either from content that is duplicated from other websites, content that is very thin (one or two sentences per page), or content filled with Google Ads and other referral ads, especially within the top fold of the page.

A penalty will normally occur if you have used the services of a poor quality SEO agency, or have been building lots of links and directory links within a short time period yourself.

HookedOnMedia can help re-establish your rankings by applying trusted and legitimate techniques (known as white hat) and combating against any negative SEO practices your website may have used in the past. By reviewing your onsite techniques followed by a comprehensive backlink analysis profile, we will highlight any negative backlink tactics and take action against these links.

We would establish where the penalty originates from:

If it is a content related issue, we will recommend content optimisation techniques to remove the penalty. Once fixed the penalty removal is fairly instant with no complications.

We find that 95% of the time, the penalty will be due to poor link building techniques. To lift this type of penalty takes more effort. We first need to mine all the poor quality links and request to the webmaster (who links to you) to kindly remove the link. For webmasters who do not reply, or for sites that have no contact details we can go direct to Google and add a disavow request, informing Google of all the poor links we know about, and that we wish Google to ignore these links. We can then file a re-consideration request to Google and then act on their reply. This type of penalty can take between 3 months, and possible to over a year – dependant on how severe the original penalty is.

A penalty of any kind needs to be resolved as soon as possible, if you expect a penalty the first thing is to instruct your current SEO agency to stop all work to stem the issue, and then ask us to analyse the site where we will then be in a position to provide a robust strategy to lift the penalty and restore traffic and rankings to your businesses website.


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