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Pay Per Click

We are specialists in Pay Per Click advertising, Google Ads & Bing Ads. As PPC experts, we have years of experience in competitive industries and drive targeted traffic that converts into new business. We approach campaigns from the ground up, working closely with you to fully understand the goals you wish to achieve. If you need immediate advertising impact, look no further than HookedOnMedia.

Pay Per Click Advertising Experts

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Search Engines
Seo Agency Uk
Seo Agency Uk

Why choose HookedOnMedia for PPC?

We create successful campaigns

Pay Per Click advertising is about reaching your audience at the exact moment they are searching for your product or service. Successful campaigns offer amazing returns and brand-building opportunities, but every campaign needs careful management to ensure maximum ROI and minimum wasted spend.

All visitors & keywords will be tracked through to point of sale or enquiry to ensure keywords are performing. For any keywords that do not perform, we will consistently bid manage to lower their CPC’s (costs per click) until a desired ROI/CPA is attained.

Intelligent campaigns

Our approach is to fully understand your business & the proposition  and with this information, we can then build targeted campaigns which generate results in line with your objectives. As we move forward with campaigns, we make recommendations such as landing page conversion improvements to seasonal & reactive budget optimisation.

Rapid results from targeted advertising

Key benefits of PPC

Immediate impact.

Control of marketing messages within ad copy & creatives.

Flexible monthly ad budgets can be tailored and adjusted dependant on objectives & opportunity.

Tracking, each click & cost can be tracked to point of enquiry, critical to calculate ROI.

Our experience, tools & strategies

Extensive experience in competitive PPC markets across a wide range of industries.

Development of in-house tools and scripts allows us to outpace the competition.

Specialisation in lead generation, direct e-commerce sales & brand awareness.

ROI focussed, with PPC each click costs and therefore campaign ROI is paramount. Our team run PPC with ROI as the primary objective.

Ppc Expert
Ppc Expert


Google Ads Approved

We are long standing Google Partners meaning we implement best practice for our Google ads clients, this also means our team is certified Google ads experts. Being a Google Partner enables us to increase the performance of client campaigns by remaining up to date with the latest ad platform developments and also receiving early access to product launches & resources.

Successful Seo

Client endorsement

Digital Marketing Experience
Best Ppc Agency Cornwall

Significant amount of new business from online enquiries

Digital Marketing Experience

Very happy with the PPC services. HookedOnMedia are professional and always there to answer any questions. I was impressed by their attention to detail and a desire to learn about our services.

With all website enquiry points tracked we have been able to identify that the PPC campaigns have driven a significant amount of new business, and we are excited to continue growing with them. I would recommend HookedOnMedia to anyone who is serious about generating new business online.


Seo Agency Uk
Seo Agency Uk

Display advertising

Reaching your audience through multiple channels

Through display advertising, we gain reach for our clients across third party websites in the form of banners, videos, text & image ads. On the Google network alone for example reaching users whilst they watch YouTube videos, check their Gmail, browse publisher sites or use mobile apps & tablet apps.

The audience reach from display advertising can be huge and often low cost.

There are multiple methods of targeting users, such as:

  • Contextual – targeting against keywords found within websites, or…
  • Placement – targeting individual websites themselves.
  • Interest Categories – where we can display adverts based on users previous browsing activity.
  • Topics & demographics.
  • Mobile Apps.

All ads are tailored to prospective audiences and our creative team can produce all content, or if you have in-house designers we can work with your banners or video content to achieve a maximum reach & return.

We provide programmatic display advertising, by using software & artificial intelligence of display platforms to determine where ads are shown, and also native display marketing such as sponsored content.

Seo Agency Uk
Seo Agency Uk


Cost effective, engaging, targeted


Remarketing allows us to retarget people who’ve already interacted with your website or brand, such as by visiting your website or engaging with an ad.

Remarketing ads are shown on third party sites such as display networks and social media networks. Ads can be highly cost-effective as they are only shown to users who have already engaged with your brand, as opposed to a scattergun approach ads, retargeting ads are tailored to the users past browsing activity.

By segmenting traffic, for example, we create audience lists based on which pages on your website users have browsed, segmenting the traffic for one particular service or product. We can then create relevant ads to target against those audience lists. An example would be if a user had browsed ‘red shoes’ on your website we would then retarget them with ‘red shoe’ related adverts elsewhere on the web to draw them back to your website to purchase.

Seo Agency Uk
Seo Agency Uk

Google shopping

Drive sales, drive profit

Google shopping ads are product ads driven by an e-commerce shopping feed. Often for an e-commerce site, these ads are one of the most cost-efficient methods of driving sales.

Google Shopping Merchant Solutions

Shopping ads are displayed based on a user’s search intent and the quality of the shopping feed is highly important. A major part of what we carry is optimising the product feed. From restructuring the feed itself, optimising product titles & product images to bid optimisation, implementation of negative keywords & undertaking competitor analysis.

Continual monitoring and adjustments are required for a successful Google Shopping campaign. Our team undertakes this for you, analysing rolling campaign data, working towards Return On Advertising Spend Goals.

As part of our strategy, we also deploy custom scripts, allowing us to bid effectively and meet business objectives. We have been working on scripts since the launch of Google shopping and are well placed to customise techniques for your campaigns and industry.

Successful Seo

If you want to make a start with Google shopping please contact us, we’ll ensure campaigns are set up, monitored & adjusted for maximum return & performance.

Top Seo Consultants
Top Seo Consultants

Ten frequently asked questions about PPC…


Why use PPC or Pay-Per-Click marketing?

While there is a long list of reasons to use PPC advertising, we’ll talk about two of the most important, i.e. measurability and performance. When you run a PPC campaign, you can quickly see and measure performance. It’s then easier to tweak the campaign to improve performance. Furthermore, reporting is also a lot easier when you use PPC, which is something that’s important to organisations. While it does cost money, with time and effort it’s possible to lower the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).


Is PPC better than SEO?

PPC has numerous advantages over SEO and vice versa. Generally, we advise clients to do both; when combined, PPC and SEO can work as an excellent strategy. It can help businesses generate highly targeted traffic from search engines like Google. It (PPC) can also help give insight into which keywords are worth targeting in the SEO campaign. That said, our team of SEO and PPC experts work with clients to determine the best way to move forward based on their goals.


How does PPC advertising differ from SEO or organic traffic?

Well, for starters, organic traffic is free, but at times it’s hard to measure where your traffic is coming from and which keywords are performing better than others. Paid search allows you to measure just about everything.


What types of businesses are best suited to PPC advertising?

In our experience, all businesses can benefit from a PPC advertising campaign. However, what type of PPC campaign is more effective and how its setup will vary depending on the industry and business in particular.


How long does launching a PPC campaign take?

Once all the necessary documentation is complete, we then develop a strategy, which entails keyword analysis and competitor analysis. Usually, it can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks to get a campaign up and running. That said, our process is transparent, and we provide you with monthly reports.


What do I pay per click?

The term Pay Per Click advertisement implies that you will pay a fee each time someone clicks on your ad. However, the fee you pay will vary based on your industry and how much you bid for that click. You can expect to pay more in highly competitive industries and less in ones where competition isn’t fierce. That said, depending on your daily budget, we will set it up so that you only spend what you can afford per month. We strongly recommend a higher budget, especially for highly competitive keywords.


How can PPC help me?

PPC can help you in many ways. For instance, it can help promote new products or services, increase brand awareness, generate lots of traffic quickly, potentially target customers halfway across the world.


How are PPC results measurable?

Some of the most popular PPC platforms are Google and Bing, along with many others. All of these platforms allow you to track the performance of each campaign and drill down to how many clicks each keyword received. You can also track how many calls your PPC campaign attracted or how many conversions came via the campaign.


Does running a PPC campaign help improve natural search results?

No, it does not. However, what PPC is very good at doing is ensuring that you know how each keyword is performing. That way, you can instantly pause or stop keywords that aren’t converting, hence stopping your budget from being exhausted by keywords that don’t perform.


Why should I hire an expert company to manage my PPC campaign?

Many people assume that PPC is something they can just set up and forget about, which isn’t the case. Not only do you need to set up the campaign correctly, if you want to continue running ads at a lower price, the campaign needs to be further optimised. All of this is time-consuming, and most business owners don’t have the time to closely monitor their PPC campaigns, which is why we handle it for them.

Hayden Bassett
Digital Account Manager

Lee Jackson
Business Development Manager

We can discuss your project and your digital marketing requirements during a free no-obligation call. Simply select a convenient date and time and we’ll look forward to speaking with you.

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