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Anevay is all about outdoor (and indoor) cooking and heating, their  mission is to encourage people to spend time outdoors, enjoying nature, relaxing around the fire, and cooking delicious food.

Ist Place On Local Results for phrases such as 'tent stoves'


To increase sales in the UK, and then expanding overseas to USA. The website has changed a couple of times and the challenge was to keep increasing the rankings whilst these changes were being made.


The website was initially in a poor technical state. We optimised the website, but due to the e-commerce backend limitations Anevay decided to commission a new rebuild. We recommended a suitable platform and worked alongside their developers.

We also run a dedicated PPC campaign.


High page authority scores are now being achieved.
Website gaining 12,000+ visits per month and increasing month on month
All branded stoves now in 1st place
Generic phrases such as 'tent stove' gaining good high positions
PPC campaigns driving conversions each month

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