Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO strategies will differ from business to business. Based on your current rankings, competition, and essentially your business goals. SEO is a mid to long term service, and once you start to see the results the benefits are huge.
SEO comprises of several intertwined services, each one can be separated, but they all complement one another.

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Direct Ranking Correlations Between Our SEO Services:

Technical SEO
– Ensuring your website is accessible to Google, error free, loads fast, uses schema and includes target phrases (over 50 onsite ranking factor checks in total).

Outreach Services
– Building the authority to your website, so Google can trust your domain and rank accordingly.

Google Maps / Business Pages
– Ensuring you have an optimised business page, that your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) are identical across the internet and your address and brand name is continually being added to relevant websites.

Content Creation
– One or two one-thousand word blog posts each month entices Google to visit the site more often, it also shows users you are an active business. Traffic will also increase via the long tail searches made from the regular blog posts. Creative blogs can also help in the inbound links.

Technical Recommendations

We run audits and report on SEO recommendations that need to be implemented. It’s crucial that Google can crawl your website with ease but also not to impact on the existing design.

Page Speeds

Having a fast loading website encourages users to stay onsite, but speeds are also part of Google’s algorithm. Having a faster website will contribute to outperforming your competitors.

Server Configuration

Your server the website is hosted on also contributes to rankings. We will review, and if necessary, make recommendations based on the coding of your website. A reliable server is essential.

Video Optimisation

Videos help engage with the user and greatly improve conversion rates. We can optimise video metadata and recommend suitable video hosting platforms based on needs and budgets..

Content Optimisation

Unique content is critical, and it needs to read naturally to the user. Our content writers can create pages based on our initial keyword research, ensuring the phrases you target are popular ones!

Search Console & Analytics

We connect your website to Google’s search console and analytics. This provides us with additional benefits to improve your websites rankings & performance. Analytics is pulled into your monthly reports.

Indirect Benefits From Also Running Our Other Services:

Social Publishing
– Frequently publishing on social platform shows to google you are an active business

Social Ads
– Helps increase traffic to the website, which is a ranking signal to Google.

We would provide a strategy based on your business goals, so it may include all services a combination, or just one.

Our strategies are tailored, which means budgets also differ. So if you are a small start-up or a large corporate, don’t presume you cannot afford to be top of results we are here to help and will recommend relevant phrases that are achievable to rank within your marketing constraints.

Andrew, our technical director has over 25 years’ experience working on SEO campaigns, such as Black & Decker, The Royal Mail, Sky Bet, Green Flag, Churchill the RAC and many more. Making him one on the most experienced SEO technicians in the UK.

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