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Social Advertising

We offer full agency services for advertising on multiple social media platforms. Our campaigns are engaging, targeted, relevant and ultimately, achieve your marketing and branding goals. We have access the latest developments and trends, so you can choose the level of saturation you require whilst keeping a close eye on your budget. Precise, creative and beautifully crafted advertising for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Social Advertising South West

Compete online, effectively

Seo Agency Uk
Seo Agency Uk

What is Social Advertising?

new audience, brand awareness, increased sales

For social advertising, the cost model is typically on a pay per click basis or cost per impression.

We work with you from the outset to define your goals and work towards achieving them. This encompasses all stages of the campaign, from artwork & ad text creation to tracking and analytics, with a diligent focus on the return on investment.

Seo Agency Uk
Seo Agency Uk

Display advertising

Targeted graphics that stand out

Our in-house graphic designers & social media ad executives will put together a set of graphical ads that are designed to entice a call, enquiry, form completion or website visit.

Graphics can be static or animated for example and we also edit videos for more interactive ad campaigns. Each ad is tailored for every platform you choose to advertise on, ensuring it has maximum impact.

During the ad creation process key messaging is incorporated into ads and in-depth consideration is given to the tone & language used to fall in-line with the target audience. Calls to action are given prominence and will be split tested over time to determine which ads perform better over others. Our expert advice will enable you to target the optimum share of social media platforms.

Facebook advertising

Featured above are Facebook paid ads for a high profile recruitment drive.

HookedOnMedia identified demographics within the Facebook ad platform to match the target audience. We split-test a mix of lifestyle and industry creatives to resonate with applicants, prompting champion creatives to drive the maximum lead volume.

Seo Agency Uk
Seo Agency Uk

Our additional Social Advertising services include…

Whether it be for brand awareness or lead generation our paid media team have extensive knowledge of the LinkedIn platform and strategies to reach your campaign goals.

As a TikTok marketing agency we have the experience and knowledge to create campaigns both from a technical and creative standpoint to attain campaign goals.

Successful Seo

Client endorsement

Digital Marketing Experience
Creative Social Advertising

I can highly recommend Andrew and his team if you’re looking for an enterprise SEO solution.

Digital Marketing Experience

The reports that HookedOnMedia produce are exactly what I want to see, giving me enough information to be able to make decisions without being too overwhelming.

I find that Andrew and his team are always up to date with all the latest developments and trends in SEO and they always have plenty of good ideas to help improve website traffic from organic search.

Sea Life
Seo Agency Uk
Seo Agency Uk

Social media campaigns

Expert analysis & decision making

Campaign success is fed back to you by your personal dedicated liaison manager and project manager. Advice will be given to them by our social media executives, who will be running your campaigns daily.

They are experienced in reviewing and tweaking campaigns to make sure spend is going towards ads that are performing to their highest ability. A lot of the work is often based around the ‘background’ campaign adjustments in terms of tweaking demographics, forms, interests, rather than continually changing the visible ads.

Seo Agency Uk
Seo Agency Uk

Video advertising

Cost effective, engaging, targeted

Our editors & graphic designers can amend any videos you have, to make them crisp, snappy and eye-catching, in an effort to gain the edge over a competitive arena, when advertising on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

Your ad needs to stand out from the crowd, and we can make this happen. Our deep knowledge of social media platforms deeply benefits your campaign where we can advise on the optimum channels for best impact. We’ll also report back with performance indicators, ad cost and recommended adjustments or minor tweaks where necessary. 

Often, our clients are happy for us to manage their campaigns; at any stage your dedicated liaison manager will work closely with you to realise your marketing goals.

Hayden Bassett
Digital Account Manager

Lee Jackson
Business Development Manager

We can discuss your project and your digital marketing requirements during a free no-obligation call. Simply select a convenient date and time and we’ll look forward to speaking with you.

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