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Social Advertising

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What is Social Advertising?

For social advertising, the cost model is typically on a pay per click basis or cost per impression.

We work with you from the outset to define your goals and work towards achieving them, this encompasses all stages of the campaign from artwork & ad text creation to tracking and analytics with a diligent focus on the return on investment.

Once we have determined your objectives, we formulate a campaign strategy to meet your targets & KPI’s. The next stage is defining your audience criteria and getting to work on creating adverts that generate results. We continually review campaigns to optimise and maximize your budget performance.

Whether you are looking to drive direct sales & enquiries, or reach a new audience or support a brand awareness campaign, HookedOnMedia has the knowledge, experience, technical know-how & creativity to drive results.

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Display Advertising

Our in-house graphic designers & social media ad executives will put together a set of graphical ads that are designed to entice a call, enquiry, form completion or website visit.

Graphics can be static or animated for example and we also edit videos for more interactive ad campaigns.

During the ad creation process key messaging is incorporated into ads, in-depth consideration is given to the tone & language used to fall in-line with the target audience. Calls to action are given prominence and split tested over time to determine which ads perform better over others.

Social Media Campaigns

Campaign success is fed back to you by your personal dedicated liaison manager and project manager. Advice will be given to them by our social media executives who are running your campaigns daily.

They are experienced to review and tweak campaigns to ensure the spend is going towards ads that are performing to their highest ability. A lot of the work is often based around the ‘background’ campaign adjustments in terms of tweaking demographics, forms, interests, rather than continually changing the visible ads.

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Video advertising

Our editors & graphic designers can amend any videos you have, to make them crisp, snappy, and eye-catching to gain the edge over a competitive arena when advertising on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

Your ad needs to stand out from the crowd, and we can make this happen.